Rihanna Would Want Taylor Russell To Play Her In A Biopic

Rihanna just dropped a bombshell about her biopic dreams, and it’s a forehead-smackingly good one!

Picture this: the 36-year-old superstar, queen of all things Fenty, has already picked the actress to play her in a movie. Drumroll, please… it’s none other than Taylor Russell! Yes, you heard that right. Rihanna spilled the beans to E! News, saying, “Taylor Russell. You know why? ‘Cause she got a nice forehead, she’s fly, and I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me. I want people to see me in that light.”

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That’s right. It’s all about the forehead! Rihanna wants her biopic doppelganger to have a prime piece of cranial real estate. And let’s be honest, if Rihanna says it, it’s gospel. Foreheads are the new black!

But hold your popcorn, because this movie isn’t hitting theaters anytime soon. Our girl Riri was caught off guard by the question but didn’t miss a beat in naming her forehead twin. In the meantime, she’s got a gazillion other things cooking.

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First, she’s juggling two little ones at home. And if that’s not enough, she’s launching Fenty Hair this week. Add to that her Savage x Fenty line, her epic collaboration with Puma, the ever-glamorous Fenty Beauty empire, and—brace yourselves—the LONG-anticipated ninth studio album that she hinted might actually see the light of day sometime this century!

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So, while we wait for the Rihanna biopic to grace our screens, we’ll just keep admiring that legendary forehead from afar. Rihanna, you truly are a queen of all trades, and we’re here for every forehead, hair strand, and beat you drop!

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