Chris Pratt For Pringles Super Bowl Ad as ‘Mr. P’

Guess what? Chris Pratt, the dino-taming hero from Jurassic World, just landed himself in a Super Bowl ad! The man himself, at a sprightly 44, is now taking on the role of “Mr. P” in a Pringles commercial. Move over, T-Rex, there’s a new star in town!

But wait, hold onto your hats – or should we say, hold onto your mustaches? Because Chris Pratt’s got a new look for this gig. Picture this: a majestic mustache that could rival Tom Selleck’s, but with a twist. Chris spilled the beans to Variety about how he crafted this masterpiece. “I grew it out and shaved down the sides, and it curled up,” he confessed. And you know what? His wife, Katharine Schwarzenegger, gave it the seal of approval. She’s got an eye for fashion, apparently, because she told him, “Hey, that mustache? It’s a vibe. You could totally play a character with that ‘stache!” And just like that, the ‘stache stayed. Who knew facial hair could have such power?

Now, let’s talk about the commercial. Chris spills the beans on that too, and trust us, it’s a wild ride. He says there’s a whole “post-truth” thing going on – whatever that means. Suddenly, bam! You’re Mr. P, and everyone’s losing their minds over it. It’s like living in a world where anything goes, even if it involves snack mascots taking over our lives. And as for the filming process? Well, let’s just say there were more ad-libs flying around than there are flavors of Pringles. Chris was probably cracking jokes left, right, and center – mustache twirling included.

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Chris Pratt, the man with the mustache and the master of Pringles commercials. Who knows what he’ll conquer next? Maybe he’ll star in a movie where the villain is a rogue potato chip. We’d watch that.


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