The Winner of ‘Squid Game’ 2023 Is…

The rollercoaster ride that was Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge has come to an epic, nail-biting, and strangely fashionable end!

In the grand finale, which dropped faster than your jaw watching those deadly childhood games, our remaining contestants – Sam aka 016, Mai aka 287, and Phill aka 451 – faced off in the ultimate battle for glory, cash, and the chance to wear a velvet gown while giving a sassy press tour.

But who emerged victorious, you ask? Drumroll, please!

The crown, or rather, the metaphorical squid-shaped tiara, goes to none other than Mai Whelan, aka 287 – the uncontested ruler of the Squidiverse!

Before we get to the grand prize-winning moment, let’s talk about the dramatic dinner party where the final trio had to decide their fate with… buttons. Yes, buttons. Because nothing says life-altering decisions like a game of press-the-glowy-button.

Mai, Sam, and Phill gathered around the glowing buttons of destiny. Green meant finals and choosing an opponent, gray meant, well, nothing, and red spelled immediate doom. Mai’s button decided to play it cool and went gray, like a button that just can’t be bothered with the drama. Sam, unfortunately, wasn’t so lucky – his button blazed red, making him the first contestant to exit stage left.

So, with Sam out of the game, it was down to Mai and Phill. Cue the epic showdown – Rock, Paper, Scissors! Yes, the same game you used to decide who gets the last slice of pizza. But in Squid Game, the stakes are higher – we’re talking millions of dollars higher.

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Mai, with the strategic prowess of a seasoned warrior, dominated the Rock, Paper, Scissors battlefield. She snatched victory from the jaws of uncertainty, winning most rounds and the privilege to pick a key from a pile that would unlock the elusive safe of cash.

And unlock it she did! Mai cracked the code, opening the safe and revealing the grand prize – a whopping $4.56 million! That’s enough cash to buy all the squid-themed fashion accessories you never knew you needed.

But what’s Mai’s first splurge? A black velvet Ralph Lauren gown for the press tour, because nothing says “I conquered deadly games for cash” like rocking luxurious fabrics.

As for the future, Mai has big plans – renovating her home and building a dock for a boat. Because why not? She’s got the cash, the keys, and the squid-tiara – the world is her oyster, or rather, her calamari.

In a post-victory interview, Mai revealed, “It was a relief to go back to normal life and not worry about getting eliminated. I needed that after two and a half weeks of intense go, go, go, and emotional ups and downs. But the person that came into [the competition] is me. I’m still Mai, and she hasn’t changed — except that I came out stronger.”

And if you’re wondering where Mai’s heart lies, it’s with people, animals, and climate change. Because, let’s face it, if we don’t address those issues, there might not be a future for all those little kids growing up right now. Squid-tiara and all, Mai is not just a winner in the game but a champion for a better world!

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The squid-tastic saga of Squid Game: The Challenge – where buttons decide fates, Rock, Paper, Scissors is a high-stakes battle, and a velvet gown is the ultimate symbol of victory. Until next time, keep your squids close and your buttons closer!

The Winner of ‘Squid Game’ 2023 Is…



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