Kathy Hilton and Her Husband Eat at The Cheesecake Factory Once a Week

Kathy Hilton and her hubby Rick may swim in a pool of cash, but they’ve hilariously chosen to dive into the world of Cheesecake Factory once a week. Because let’s be real, who needs a Michelin-starred restaurant when you can have affordable extravagance at its finest?

In an interview that probably had more laughs than a stand-up comedy show, the 64-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sensation spilled the beans on her deep love affair with the iconic restaurant chain. And guess what? It’s not just about the money – it’s about the cheesecake-infused charm.

“We’re practically regulars at The Cheesecake Factory, darling,” Kathy spilled to Page Six, trying not to reveal the secret handshake that gets you into the exclusive Cheesecake Fanatic Club (Disclaimer: There’s no such club, but wouldn’t it be awesome?).

According to Kathy, all the food at The Cheesecake Factory is like a symphony for her taste buds. And who can blame her? It’s like they’ve got a secret ingredient – maybe it’s laughter, or perhaps it’s just a truckload of cheese. Either way, it works like magic.

Now, let’s talk about Rick’s culinary preferences. The man’s got a thing for the chicken fettuccine Alfredo. You know, that dish where the pasta dances with the Alfredo sauce like it’s auditioning for a reality TV show. And then there’s another one, the elusive “dip-with-the-sauce” special. We’re not sure if that’s the technical term, but we’re rolling with it.

But wait, Kathy’s got her own star on The Cheesecake Factory menu – the meatloaf! Because, seriously, where else can you get meatloaf that makes you question your life choices in the most delicious way possible? The Famous Factory Meatloaf comes with all the fixings – mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, grilled onions, and fresh buttered corn. It’s like a gastronomic adventure, with each bite telling a story of culinary delight.

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Kathy Hilton and Rick, the dynamic duo of Cheesecake escapades. Who needs caviar and champagne when you can have cheesecake and laughter? The Cheesecake Factory: where affordability meets the absurdly delicious, and Kathy Hilton is the reigning queen of the menu. Bow down to the Meatloaf Majesty!


Kathy Hilton spills that her and Rick Hilton go on a weekly date at The Cheesecake Factory. "It’s local and fresh!” And when it comes to the menu, Rick takes his Chicken Alfredo pretty seriously.

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