Casey Wilson Calls ‘Santa Claus’ Co-Star Tim Allen “Rude”

In the fantastical world of The Santa Clause, you’d expect the North Pole to be the only icy thing around. Well, think again, because according to Casey Wilson, Tim Allen brought a chill factor that could rival the Arctic.

On her podcast B-tch Sesh, Casey spilled the cocoa beans about her frosty encounter with Tim on the Disney+ series. Brace yourselves for the winter storm of workplace drama!

Picture this: Casey, alone in a scene with Tim Allen, ready to throw things at him like it’s a North Pole edition of dodgeball. She’s thinking, “Here comes Santa, the chimney invader!” But, oh no, Tim’s not jolly; he’s downright frosty.

In the middle of the scene, Tim allegedly scurries over to the producer faster than a reindeer on Red Bull, complaining about Casey “stepping on his lines.” Classic Grinch move, Tim. The poor producer, with terror in his eyes, has to relay the message like a messenger elf on a dire mission. “Um, Tim requests that you cease the line-stepping,” he delivers with the gravitas of a Hallmark Christmas special.

Casey spilled the hot cocoa on Tim, claiming he was so “f-cking rude” that he could make Scrooge look like a teddy bear. No eye contact, no pleasantries—just a freeze more frigid than the North Pole. The atmosphere was so tense; you could cut it with a candy cane.

After Tim tossed his tinsel and left the scene like he was fleeing a snowball fight, they had to bring in a stand-in to save Christmas—or at least the TV show. Rumor has it, this was Tim “on a good day.” If that’s a good day, we’d hate to see the bad ones!

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As of now, Tim Allen has yet to break the ice and respond to Casey’s frosty allegations. But let’s hope he doesn’t brush it off like snowflakes on Santa’s suit. After all, no one wants a workplace blizzard, especially during the holiday season.


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