Sam Asghari Has Lost 40 Pounds Since Britney Spears Divorce

Sam Asghari, hunky personal trainer and part-time heartthrob, embarked on a mission that had us all questioning our commitment to that extra slice of pizza. Breaking free from the clutches of matrimonial bliss with Britney Spears, Sam decided to ditch the breakup blues and embrace the glorious world of body transformation.

In a stunning revelation that left us reaching for our own bathroom scales, the 29-year-old fitness guru spilled the beans on shedding a whopping 40 pounds in just five months. That’s like losing a small child or gaining a really light best friend—whichever comparison makes you chuckle.

In an interview with Page Six, Sam spilled the sweat (and maybe a protein shake or two) about his metamorphosis. He declared, “So, in the past five months, I’ve had a little transformation which was losing about a good 35 to 40 pounds.” We’re not sure if the math adds up, but who cares when Sam’s getting rid of pounds faster than we can say “gym membership.”

Ever the philosopher, Sam shared his newfound wisdom, proclaiming, “Sometimes when you are in a situation that you don’t get to necessarily focus on yourself, it could be challenging for you to notice [your physique changes], but everybody else does.” Well, Sam, we’re not just noticing; we’re practically setting up a fan club for your biceps.

According to the man himself, this chiseled masterpiece of a body is not some run-of-the-mill revenge body. Oh no, it’s a “self-love sort of thing.” Well, Sam, you’ve convinced us. We’re canceling our therapy sessions and hitting the gym because clearly, that’s where the real healing happens.

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And for those hopeful souls out there thinking they might spot Sam on a dating app, think again! Our man is too busy flexing those muscles and focusing on his work to bother with swiping left or right. In his own words, “I’m focusing on work at the moment. I definitely won’t be joining any dating apps any time soon. That’s for sure.” Sorry, Tinder, you’ll have to wait for your shot at Sam’s heart.

For a glimpse of this transformed Adonis, check out his Instagram video from December 2023. Spoiler alert: It’s not just his workout routine that’s on fire; it’s his sense of humor too!


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