Cher Seeks Conservatorship Over Her Son Amidst Substance Abuse Issues

Guess what? Cher just pulled a move straight out of the Hollywood drama playbook! The legendary singer, at a sprightly 77 years old, has filed for conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman. Why, you ask? Well, it seems like Elijah has been on a substance-related rollercoaster, and Cher is here to snatch the conservatorship crown.

Legal documents, like the juiciest celebrity gossip, spilled the details to Page Six. Cher is on a mission to become the one and only boss of Elijah’s estate because, in her own diva words, he’s “substantially unable to manage his financial resources.” Translation: he’s been a bit too wild for his own good.

According to Cher’s legal masterpiece, Elijah urgently needs a babysitter for his assets because, brace yourselves, he’s about to hit the jackpot and receive a trust fund windfall by the end of the year. Cher, in her infinite wisdom, is worried that if he gets his hands on the cash, it’s going straight into the arms of the notorious substance-abusing duo—drugs and more drugs.

Picture this: Cher, clad in her Moonstruck star power, is standing on the conservatorship stage, microphone in hand, declaring her concern that Elijah might blow all his money on a wild substance-fueled party, leaving him with zilch to his name. Talk about turning back time to the not-so-glamorous ’80s!

Cher isn’t buying the idea of Elijah’s estranged wife, Marieangela King, being the responsible conservator. Why? Well, their relationship apparently reads like a blockbuster script—complete with a chaotic cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises. It’s like a soap opera, but with more legal jargon.

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Cher drops the mic on the fact that Elijah’s current mental and physical health situation is so out of whack that he can’t even choose his own conservator. It’s like trying to get a cat to pick its favorite flavor of catnip when it’s deep into a catnap.

In an epic plot twist, Cher steps in as the superhero mom, aiming to “protect Elijah’s property from loss or injury.” Cue the dramatic music as she battles the forces of financial ruin and risky behavior.

Who knew Cher’s life would take such a turn? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Keeping Up with Cher’s Conservatorship Chronicles.” It’s a blockbuster comedy-drama with a touch of family feuding, financial follies, and Cher’s timeless flair.

Cher Seeks Conservatorship Over Her Son Amidst Substance Abuse Issues



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