Doja Cat Apologizes to Fans Post-Performance, Reveals She’s Not Happy With Her Energy

Oh boy, hold onto your wigs and cat ears because Doja Cat just spilled the tea after what she thinks was a performance that even a tone-deaf cat wouldn’t appreciate.

The 28-year-old “Say So” sensation strutted her stuff on stage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, during her dazzling extravaganza, The Scarlet Tour. But wait, the drama unfolds like a poorly written script.

After the gig, Doja, our feline pop queen, took a detour to social media to spill the apology tea and explain herself like she’s presenting an Oscar speech for the worst performance in cat-tastrophe history.

“I’m so f-ckin sorry, New Jersey. I don’t know what the f-ck that was. I’m really not happy with my energy tonight,” she confessed on her Instagram story. Move over, Shakespeare, we’ve got a new wordsmith in town.

Now, we’re all left scratching our heads, wondering what in the catnip went wrong during the performance. Was it a wardrobe malfunction, a hairball incident, or did she accidentally step on a Lego backstage? The mystery thickens, and rest assured, we’ll be your investigative journalists to uncover the claws and effect of this epic feline faux-paw.

Stay tuned for the purr-plexing updates. Meowt!

Doja Cat Apologizes to Fans After Performing, Reveals She’s Not Happy With Her Energy
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