Drake Slams The Grammys and Skips Out on Event

Drake, 37-year-old rap maestro and five-time Grammy winner, just pulled off a Houdini from attending the 2024 Grammys!

Picture this: Drake, the man who’s practically been the soundtrack of our lives, decided to give the Grammys a swerve. But fear not, because even though he won’t be strutting down that red carpet, he made sure to drop some truth bombs from the comfort of his Insta-story throne.

In true Drake fashion, he laid it out straight: “Hey, all you phenomenal artists out there, don’t sweat it if you’re not on the guest list for this Grammy gala. It’s just a bunch of folks with opinions, who by the way, are as secret as a cat trying to hide in a fishbowl (Google it if you don’t believe me).”

Then, he drops the mic with a virtual high-five to his fellow hip-hop honchos, saying, “Props to anyone snagging an award for hip hop, but let’s be real, this show doesn’t rule our rap realm.”

This isn’t Drake’s first rodeo of roasting the Grammys; he’s been throwing shade since way back in 2019. So, instead of rubbing elbows with the glitterati this year, he’s hitting up Tampa, Florida, to rock the stage with J Cole on their “Big as the What?” Tour.

In case you’re wondering who else is giving the Grammy gang the cold shoulder, well, you’ll have to keep your ears to the ground because Drake ain’t spillin’ the tea on that one!

With nominations raining down on him like confetti every year since 2010, Drake’s got four more chances to add some shiny new hardware to his collection this time around.

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Drake Slams The Grammys and Skips Out on Event


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