Felicity Huffman Speaks Out Four Years After College Admissions Scandal

In an epic tale that rivals the wildest Desperate Housewives plot twists, Felicity Huffman has finally spilled the beans on her role in the infamous college admissions scandal. Hold onto your SAT scores!

Flashback to 2019 when the fabulous 60-year-old actress found herself in the slammer for a scandalous stint lasting a whopping 11 days. Why, you ask? Well, she casually dropped a cool $15,000 to the scandal maestro himself, Rick Singer, just to give her daughter Sophia’s SAT scores a little clandestine makeover. Move over, Hollywood—this is the real blockbuster we’ve been waiting for!

Felicity wasn’t just chilling in her orange jumpsuit; she threw in a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service, and a year of supervised release for good measure. It’s the kind of sentence that makes you wonder if SAT scores are secretly a crypto-currency we’ve all been missing out on.

Fast forward to the present day, and Felicity is baring her soul in an interview with ABC-7 Eyewitness News. Brace yourselves, because Felicity is about to take you on a rollercoaster of regret and questionable decisions.

According to Felicity, she wasn’t out there scheming like a Shakespearean villain. Oh no, she had the guidance of a highly recommended college counselor named Rick Singer. Trusted him implicitly, she says. He was the maestro orchestrating her academic symphony. Little did she know, it was more like a criminal concerto.

As the saga unfolded, Felicity spilled the beans on the moment when the light bulb (or maybe it was a prison searchlight) flickered on. Rick Singer, the so-called expert, started whispering sweet, scandalous nothings about a criminal scheme. Picture this: a mom caught in the crossfire of SAT scores and destiny. It sounds like a Lifetime movie, but alas, it was Felicity’s reality.

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Hindsight is a brilliant thing, they say, but Felicity insists it felt like a dire situation back then. She genuinely believed she’d be donning the “Bad Mom” crown if she didn’t jump on the scandalous bandwagon. In her mind, it was all about securing her daughter’s future – even if it meant breaking a law or two. Mother of the Year material, right?

In a shocking twist, Felicity didn’t even spill the SAT-scam tea to her daughter, Sophia, who’s now a mature 23-year-old. Talk about keeping secrets tighter than a jar of pickles! As she drove Sophia to the test, the internal monologue played out like a Netflix drama: “Turn around, just turn around,” she thought. But, alas, the siren call of scandal was too strong, and she pressed on.

Felicity Huffman’s wild ride through the college admissions scandal. It’s a story of choices, regrets, and the lengths one will go for that sweet, sweet ice cream after a shady SAT makeover. Move over, Shakespeare—Desperate Housewives just got a whole lot more desperate.


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