Chrissy Teigen Was “Heartbroken” When She Couldn’t Afford a Dinner Date With John Legend

Chrissy Teigen had a heart-stopping moment on one of her early dates with John Legend, and no, it wasn’t just because of the romantic vibes. Back in 2006, when their love story was just blossoming after meeting on the set of the “Stereo” music video, Chrissy thought it would be a brilliant idea to impress John with a dinner date at the fanciest joint in New York City. Little did she know, she was in for a wallet-shocking surprise.

Picture this: a young Chrissy, wide-eyed and hopeful, sitting across from John at the oh-so-posh Jean-Georges restaurant. The ambience was perfect, the menu was fancy, and then came the moment of horror—the margarita that John ordered cost a whopping $58. Cue the dramatic gasp! Chrissy, on the brink of a financial meltdown, feared the inevitable decline of her card.

In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Chrissy hatched a plan. She excused herself, gracefully dashed to the nearest cash point, and withdrew a cool $800. Yes, you read that right—$800! She returned to the table feeling like a financial ninja ready to conquer the bill. The meal was exquisite, but the real adventure lay in the heart-stopping fear of a declined card. Oh, the drama of fine dining!

Fast forward to 2013, and Chrissy and John tied the knot, creating a beautiful family that now includes four kids. But it seems their sophisticated palate didn’t quite make it to their five-year-old Miles. In a revelation that left Jimmy Kimmel in stitches, Chrissy spilled the beans about Miles’ culinary preferences—or lack thereof.

While daughter Luna is a gourmet marvel, happily munching on salads and veggies, Miles seems to have declared a vegetable embargo. Not a single leafy green has graced his plate. The closest encounter with a veggie was an accidental broccoli floret hidden in fried rice, which left Miles utterly distressed. Poor guy!

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In a hilarious Zoom meeting with the kids’ school, Chrissy delved into the mysteries of picky eaters. The verdict? Miles might just outgrow his veggie aversion, and apparently, it’s the one thing kids feel they have control over. So, while Miles may not be a veggie enthusiast now, there’s hope that he’ll one day join the ranks of his salad-munching sister. Until then, the legend of the $58 margarita and the quest for veggies continues in the Teigen-Legend household!

Chrissy Teigen Was “Heartbroken” When She Couldn’t Afford a Dinner Date With John Legend


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