Sarah Ferguson Causes Fury and Admiration With Her Birthday Wish for King Charles

Guess who’s having a royal laugh on King Charles III’s 75th birthday? None other than the Duchess of York, the one and only Fergalicious herself, Sarah Ferguson! Living in the Royal Lodge with her ex-hubby Prince Andrew, amidst enough family drama to rival a soap opera, Fergie took to her social media to sprinkle some birthday cheer on the King.

In a move that would make even the Queen crack a smile, Fergie shared a throwback pic of the young and dashing Charles. The King, looking like he just aced a royal marathon, sported a casual jumper and a shirt that screamed, “I’m the monarch, but I’m also fashion-forward.”

Now, hold on to your crown jewels, because Fergie’s caption was the real icing on the royal cake: “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to His Majesty, King Charles III. Long live the King.” Well, someone’s been binge-watching Shakespearean dramas on Netflix.

But oh, the reactions! Fergie’s followers couldn’t decide whether to applaud her for the tribute or send her a royal eye-roll for calling Charles “King.” One brave soul commented, “You should all be embarrassed to call him King.” Ouch, someone fetch the royal burn ointment!

And then, there’s that friend who can’t resist meddling in royal affairs, saying, “Happy Birthday King Charles. Please make up with Harry.” Because nothing says ‘happy birthday’ like mending family feuds, right?

But fear not, amidst the digital eye-rolls and plea for family therapy, some loyal subjects chimed in with genuine birthday wishes. “Happy Birthday King Charles – you’re doing a good job,” wrote one supporter, probably sipping royal-tea.

Now, let’s not forget the juicy tidbit about Fergie and King Charles’ cozy living arrangement. Rumor has it that the King generously allowed Prince Andrew to crash in his posh pad because of Sarah, who recently battled breast cancer like a true royal warrior. Talk about a castle with a heart.

So, here’s to King Charles III, a man with a jumper game stronger than the monarchy’s legacy, and to Fergie, the unofficial court jester who knows how to turn a royal birthday into a comedy show fit for Buckingham Palace! Cheers to the monarch and his merry band of Insta-followers! 🎉👑

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