50 Cent Mocks Flavor Flav’s National Anthem Performance

50 Cent couldn’t resist poking some fun at Flavor Flav’s recent national anthem performance. It all went down after Flavor Flav belted out The Star-Spangled Banner at the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday night (Oct. 29).

50 Cent, never one to miss an opportunity for a good laugh, took one look at Flavor Flav’s spirited attempt and thought, “WTF [facepalm emoji]!” Fiddy wondered if this was a secret sign that we’re headed for war. His solution? “Fvck it, get the strap.”

Flavor Flav’s anthem was so wild, it got 50 Cent contemplating military strategy. Who knew the power of music could have such geopolitical implications? 🎤🤣

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