Britney Spears Supports Sister Jamie Lynn on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Guess what? The Queen of Pop herself, Britney Spears, just unleashed some major cheerleading vibes for her baby sis, Jamie Lynn Spears!

Hold onto your dance shoes, because the 42-year-old Pop Princess couldn’t contain her excitement and stormed onto Instagram to give her two cents about Jamie Lynn’s adventure on Dancing With The Stars this past fall.

In a move that was probably unintentionally rebellious, Britney shared a now-vanished pic of Jamie Lynn getting her groove on the dance floor, with her partner-in-crime, Alan Bersten, busting moves in the background. We bet Alan was twirling in joy because, surprise surprise, he hit the “like” button on that post! And let’s not forget the DWTS pro Sasha Farber, who joined the virtual applause.

Jamie Lynn’s journey on the show was like a rollercoaster, but not the thrilling kind—more like the one you regret getting on after eating too much cotton candy. Sadly, her stint was shorter than the attention span of a goldfish, making her the second one to be shown the exit door. Better luck next time, Jamie Lynn! Maybe we’ll see you back on the dance floor, jiving to the beats and dodging elimination like a pro. Dance on, Spears sisters, dance on! 💃🕺

Britney Spears Supports Sister Jamie Lynn on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
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