Chris Zylka, Paris Hilton’s Ex-Fiance, Opens Up About Their Split

Chris Zylka is taking us on a trip down the glittery memory lane of his engagement to none other than the Queen of Reality TV herself, Paris Hilton!

Picture this: a 42-year-old DJ and a 38-year-old alum from The Leftovers walk into the wild world of love in 2016. Sparks fly, engagements happen in January 2018, and then, boom! By November 2018, it’s all over. But fear not, because Chris is here to spill the beans on the juicy bits.

In an interview that’s as rare as a unicorn sighting, Chris decided to break the silence and share his thoughts on Paris. He wants everyone to know that Paris is not just any human being; she’s a “wonderful human being.” We can almost hear the choir of angels singing in the background.

But hold up, there were some “misconceptions” floating around. Chris wants to set the record straight – Paris didn’t break his heart or anything. No, no, no. It all came crashing down because, allegedly, she asked him to give up DJing. Say what now? That’s like asking a fish to give up swimming or a cat to give up plotting world domination. Unthinkable!

According to Chris, acting wasn’t a mere career choice during that time; it was more of a life-altering, soul-searching kind of situation. Paris, with her vast personal experiences, had her reasons. Chris, being the understanding guy he is, didn’t regret choosing love over beats. But wait, there’s a plot twist. Turns out, acting was the love he couldn’t live without. Cue the dramatic music!

In a moment of vulnerability, Chris admitted he never got the chance to apologize to Paris for not being grateful for the experience. He describes their relationship as the one where there was no take, only give. It’s like a rom-com script, but with fewer misunderstandings and more DJ decks.

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Fast forward five years, and Chris is still reminiscing about the good old times, missing Paris’ family like a lost puppy. The drives from her house to Bel Air were apparently the highlight of his life. We can almost imagine him singing love ballads in the car while heading to hang out with the Hiltons.

But here’s the kicker – Chris has no dirt to dish! He swears there’s not one bad thing to say about Paris; it’s all on him. Meanwhile, he’s over here gushing about Paris’ “booming” career and her expanding family, claiming it warms his heart more than a cup of cocoa on a winter’s day.

And just when you thought the plot couldn’t thicken any more, Paris Hilton, our reality TV queen, ties the knot with Carter Reum in November 2021. They pop out a son named Phoenix in January 2023 and sprinkle a daughter named London into the mix recently. Paris even spills the beans on why she opted for surrogacy. Talk about a plot twist in the reality TV saga of the decade!

A tale of love, regret, and missed family hangouts. It’s like a Shakespearean comedy, but with more DJ booths and fewer tragic endings. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Love, Beats, and Hilton Streets”!


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