Paris Hilton Opens Up About Having Children Through Surrogacy

Paris Hilton, unstoppable force of fabulousness, spilled the tea on why she opted for surrogacy in the premiere of Season 2 of Paris In Love. Because, you know, growing a baby in your tummy and feeling the kicks is so last season!

The 42-year-old media mogul recently welcomed her second bundle of joy, a little diva named London, with hubby Carter Reum. And in case you missed the memo, they had their first mini-me, Phoenix, back in January. But why did Paris skip the whole pregnancy drama and enlist the help of a surrogate twice? Well, gather ’round for this tale of celebrity sanity.

Paris, the queen of glitter and glamour, spilled the deets: “Surrogacy was a tough decision. I mean, who wouldn’t want the full VIP experience of a baby growing in their tummy, right? But my life is basically a reality show, and I need to keep it real. So, we decided to let someone else handle the baby-carrying duties.”

Carter, the dapper dude by Paris’ side, chimed in with his concerns about their little heirs. “We want our fam to be normal, not always known as Paris Hilton’s kids. Safety first, you know? Picture this: Paris at the farmer’s market, someone stops her for a selfie. Now add a baby in a stroller. It’s like a red carpet event in the produce aisle. We don’t have a manual for this, but we’re winging it. Like, who needs a manual when you’ve got fabulousness on your side?”

Paris Hilton, the modern-day parenting icon, tackling surrogacy and celebrity chaos with style, grace, and probably a touch of glitter. Stay fabulous, Paris. Stay fabulous.

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Paris Hilton Opens Up About Having Children Through Surrogacy


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