Claire Foy Won’t Sign Autographs in Blue Ink

Guess what? There’s this hilarious video making the rounds on the internet featuring the fabulous Claire Foy strutting by her fans, who are practically begging for a piece of her stardom—either a glimpse or an autograph, preferably both.

In this sidesplitting footage, the 39-year-old dynamo from “All of Us Strangers” is put on the spot by a guy waving a blue pen like he’s trying to summon autograph magic. But Claire, being the autograph fashionista she is, shuts him down with a casual, “I don’t do blue.” Cue the mic drop. She then effortlessly moves on to grace another lucky onlooker with her signature, this time with a black sharpie, because, you know, black is the new black.

Now, the internet detectives, aka the comment section gurus, have gathered to dissect the deep mystery of why Claire Foy dissed the blue pen holder. One Sherlock in the comments cracked the case wide open, revealing that most celebrities are like secret agents trained to avoid blue ink because apparently, it’s like an invitation for signature thieves to throw a party and start forging autographs left and right. Smooth move, Claire, protecting the autograph realm one color at a time.

Another comment connoisseur adds some spice to the mix, explaining that celebs, like Claire, steer clear of colored ink autographs because they end up on eBay for a small fortune. It’s like they’re playing autograph stock market, and blue ink is so last season. Plus, there’s this whole conspiracy theory that legal documents demand blue ink because black is too basic and easily photocopied. So, celebrities stick to black to avoid being part of a signature scandal. You heard it here first—celebrities and their autographs, it’s a black and white affair.

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