Cher Thinks Every Woman Should Date a Younger Man

Guess what timeless advice Cher has for all the fabulous ladies out there? Brace yourselves, because the 77-year-old diva dropped a nugget of wisdom during a recent rendezvous on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date YouTube series.

So, what’s the one thing Cher insists every woman should try at least once? Drumroll, please… “Go out with a younger man!” Yep, you heard it right. Cher, the “Strong Enough” sensation, spilled the beans on her secret to eternal youth, and it involves a dash of cradle-robbing charm.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Cher is currently rocking the romance boat with 37-year-old Alexander Edwards, a sprightly lad a mere 40 years her junior. Move over, age gaps, Cher’s rewriting the dating playbook with more zest than a disco fever.

But why the preference for younger fellas, you ask? Cher, with her candid brilliance, spilled the tea, confessing that “older men just do not like me.” Well, well, well, looks like the wise woman’s heart beats to the rhythm of a fresher beat.

As Cher delved into the juicy details of her love life, she revealed how her rendezvous with Alexander kicked off in 2022. Picture this: Cher’s jetting off to Switzerland, and out of the blue, a text pops up – “Where are you going?” Intriguing, right? Cher spills the deets, “I’m going to Switzerland. I’m a little tired,” she replied. And then, bam! Alexander hits her with a casual, ‘Well, get some rest, babyyy,’ with three Ys. Cher, being the sass queen she is, thinks, ‘Three Ys? He doesn’t know me well enough for three Ys on baby.’ Classic Cher move.

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In a twist of fate, Cher warns her pals against falling head over heels for younger men, shouting, “We’re too old for that drama!” And as for falling in love via text? Cher scoffs, “There goes that theory.” So, ladies, take a page out of Cher’s love playbook: Embrace the younger man, but beware the seduction of the text love affair. After all, who needs a timeless romance when you can have a hilarious Cher-inspired love story?


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