Dua Lipa Celebrates New Years With Selfies After Drinking Five Negronis

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when Dua Lipa unleashed a series of New Year’s Eve selfies, proudly showcasing the aftermath of her five-cocktail odyssey.

The 28-year-old songstress, wrapped in a dressing gown, graced Instagram with her glamorous photos, complete with her drink of choice.

In the snapshots, Dua appeared to be in a post-party haze, prompting her to quiz her followers with a witty twist: “Who else pulls a photoshoot after downing 5 negronis? Happy 2024!!!”

Eager fans quickly flooded the comments section with their thoughts. One enthusiast exclaimed, “She’s so crazzzzzzzzzzy! Love her!!!” Meanwhile, another astute observer remarked, “I think she’s drunk.” A third chimed in with a hearty laugh, “Haha, she’s just like me for real. I love her.”

Considering that the Levitating sensation is poised to outshine all other female earners in Britain, her festive mood isn’t exactly shocking. In 2022, Dua’s empire raked in more cash than Adele, totaling a staggering £68 million. Clearly, she’s not just levitating; she’s swimming in a pool of pound notes.

And if that’s not enough, the New Rules maestro is on track for a post-Barbie takeover, thanks to her contribution to the soundtrack hit “Dance The Night” and a memorable mermaid cameo. Born to Kosovan-Albanian parents in London, Dua doesn’t just sing for her supper; she feasts on success, pulling in a cool £10 million annually from her social media empire. Let’s not forget the seven-figure Porsche deal she snagged in July, proving that Dua Lipa isn’t just a pop sensation—she’s a financial wizard with a knack for turning cocktails into cash. Cheers to that! 🥂

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