Billy Joel Talks About Taylor Swift and Taking His Daughter to the ‘Eras Tour’

Billy Joel, 74-year-old “Piano Man,” is spilling the beans on his wild adventure at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and it’s like grandpa meets pop sensation extravaganza!

Picture this: Billy, the ultimate Swiftie, dishing out the deets at the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame, where he’s probably the coolest senior citizen in the room. Forget Bingo night; he’s talking T-Swift!

Joined by his lovely wife, Alexis Roderick, and their two tiny humans, 6-year-old Remy Anne Joel and 8-year-old Della Rose Joel, Billy set sail for the magical land of Taylor’s concert in Tampa, Florida. It’s a family affair!

Now, cue the drumroll because the girls not only witnessed the Grammy-winning queen in action but also had a royal meet-and-greet with the songstress herself. Dad goals, anyone?

Billy spilled the tea to People, bragging about his newfound cool dad status, earned by snagging those golden tickets and arranging a rendezvous with Taylor. Move aside, other dads; Billy’s got the ultimate dad flex!

Describing Taylor as “great” and “really very good,” Billy hinted at a potential encore, declaring, “We’re going to probably go see her again.” Watch out, Taylor, you’ve officially got a repeat customer in the form of a legendary piano maestro!

Post-concert, Billy unleashed a social media storm, sharing adorable pics of the fam rocking out at the Eras Tour. There’s even a video featuring his daughters shaking it off to “Ready For It.” Grandpa Joel knows how to party, and he’s got the hashtags to prove it: #Swifties, #TaylorSwift, and #TheErasTour.

Billy Joel, the granddaddy of cool, grooving into a new era, courtesy of T-Swift. Move over, teenage fans; the seniors are taking over the dance floor!

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