Dean McDermott Spent Thanksgiving at a Sober House

Guess who’s hitting the headlines for the most epic Thanksgiving plans? None other than the legendary Dean McDermott, 57-year-old maestro of sobriety! Move over, turkey; Dean’s serving up a feast of clean living and hilarious updates.

In a riveting Instagram video, Dean spilled the beans from the driver’s seat of his car. Decked out in excitement, he kicked things off with a cheerful, “Hey everybody, just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!”

Hold on to your mashed potatoes, because here comes the gratitude train. First stop: Sobriety Central. Dean’s giving thanks for kicking those bad habits to the curb. But that’s not all! He’s also tipping his hat to his little munchkins – yup, the kids made the cut in the gratitude list.

Dean’s rounding up his new squad, the sober warriors at Freedom House. Forget awkward family gatherings; this man’s taking Thanksgiving to the next level with his housemates at the Sobriety Extravaganza.

Big shoutout to the sponsor, the unsung hero in this wild ride to recovery. Dean’s all about the love for “all the groups” and “different treatment centers.” Move over, Hollywood; Sobriety Town is the new A-list destination.

So, while you’re digging into Grandma’s pumpkin pie, just know that Dean is vibing with his sober crew, having a blast at the Freedom House Fiesta.

In his grand finale, Dean wrapped it up like a Thanksgiving burrito, sending blessings and good vibes to all. “Bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving!” Now, that’s a holiday message we can raise our cranberry sauce jars to! Cheers to Dean and his legendary sober Thanksgiving bash!

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