Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco Look So In Love After LA Dinner Date

Selena Gomez and her beau, Benny Blanco, were practically glowing brighter than the Hollywood lights as they strutted around Los Angeles on a Friday night, turning heads and breaking necks like they were starring in their own rom-com.

The 31-year-old songstress and her 35-year-old music maestro were joined by their squad, ready to paint the town red, or at least until curfew hit.

Sporting a look that screamed “fashion icon in the making,” Selena donned a chic leather jacket that probably cost more than your entire wardrobe combined, paired with pants so dark they could double as a black hole. And oh, did we mention her hair? Flowing like a majestic waterfall, it was enough to make Rapunzel jealous.

As they exited the restaurant, Selena flaunted a single necklace like it was the crown jewels, while Benny opted for a look that said, “I woke up like this,” rocking a gray cardigan that looked cozier than a basket of kittens and a shirt so pink, it could make cotton candy blush.

Later that evening, as the night wound down and the clock struck Cinderella o’clock, Selena was spotted slipping into the backseat of a private vehicle, leaving behind a trail of envy and paparazzi flashes.

Their love story began in 2019, when they teamed up for a hit track that had everyone chanting along. And since then, they’ve been inseparable, like peanut butter and jelly, or Kanye and Kanye’s ego.

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