Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Have Split After Less Than a Year of Dating

Breaking News: Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner Call It Quits! The 29-year-old reggaeton sensation and the 28-year-old catwalk conqueror have officially thrown in the towel, leaving us with more questions than a math test.

According to the highly reliable grapevine (aka that friend who always knows the juiciest gossip), the dynamic duo decided to part ways, and now we’re left wondering if love is just a mythical creature like a unicorn or a well-behaved cat.

Their romance rollercoaster started in February, causing more stir than a spoon in a pot of spaghetti sauce. The duo even went on a double date with the Biebers, because nothing says “relationship goals” like a good ol’ Bieber rendezvous.

Things got wilder than a squirrel on an energy drink when they were spotted horseback riding together. Equestrian love – move over, fairy tales! And let’s not forget their Coachella escapade, where they cozied up like a pair of mittens on a winter day. Ah, romance in the desert – just what we all needed.

The power couple jetted off to Idaho, proving that romance is alive and well in the land of potatoes. Who knew Idaho was the ultimate love sanctuary? Move over, Paris.

Their relationship hit the runway at Milan Fashion Week, and we all held our breath as they made their front-row debut. Gucci’s spring/summer 2024 fashion show witnessed more drama than a telenovela, and we were all left wondering if love was the ultimate fashion faux pas.

Alas, the music and model mismatch has come to an end. We’ll miss their adventures, their fashion-forward moments, and the general chaos they brought to our otherwise mundane lives. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be crying into our ice cream while listening to Bad Bunny’s greatest hits. Adiós, love – you were almost as elusive as that unicorn we mentioned earlier.

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