Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Attended Madonna And Guy Oseary’s Oscar Party

Guess what rocked the 2024 Oscars? None other than our favorite dynamic duo: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce! These two lovebirds strutted their stuff at talent manager Guy Oseary’s epic Oscars bash, which was practically popping with celebs like a box of champagne-soaked popcorn.

Picture this: Madonna playing co-host while Gucci plays fairy godmother, sprinkling custom monogrammed travel duffles from their Valigeria Fluo collection instead of pumpkin seeds. And who needs paparazzi when you’ve got an A-list guest list that could outshine the sun?

Taylor and Travis didn’t just “show up”; they showed up and showed out, bringing the party vibes like it was their own personal music video. Lily Gladstone and Jennifer Lawrence were there too, probably swapping stories about wardrobe malfunctions and stage fright over glasses of bubbly.

But hey, what happens at Guy’s house party stays at Guy’s house party, thanks to the strict no-cameras policy. So, sorry guys, no viral videos of Travis busting out his signature dance moves or Taylor belting out impromptu karaoke hits.

But one thing’s for sure: the 2024 Oscars won’t soon be forgotten, not with Taylor and Travis leading the charge on the dance floor and Gucci keeping everyone stylishly swagged out. Who needs a golden statue when you’ve got memories like these?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Attended Madonna And Guy Oseary’s Oscar Party


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