Kevin Federline’s Ex Shar Jackson Says Britney Spears Knew About Shar’s Pregnancy While Dating Him

Shar Jackson, who you might remember as Kevin Federline’s ex, spilled the tea about the time Britney Spears snatched her man.

In her tell-all memoir, “The Woman in Me,” Britney hilariously revealed that when she first met K-Fed, she had no clue he was a dad-to-be and betrothed to Shar. Seriously, she was about as clueless as a cat at a dog show. Imagine her surprise when someone dropped the bombshell, “You know he has a new baby, right?” Oops!

So, Shar decided to have a chat with the Daily Mail, and oh boy, did she bring the drama! She recounted the time Kevin mysteriously disappeared when she was six months pregnant, claiming he had a “Coke commercial audition.” Yeah, right, K-Fed, we believe you… not!

Three days later, Shar discovered the truth: Kevin and Britney had locked eyes and hearts at a club on their very first night out. Shar felt like she’d been hit by a Mack truck loaded with betrayal and said, “How could you do something like that?” Seriously, K-Fed, how could you?

But wait, it gets better! When photos of Kevin and Britney started popping up, Shar was in disbelief for a solid day-and-a-half. We’re talking “Sharknado” levels of disbelief here, folks. Shar didn’t even point fingers at Britney, explaining, “I met Britney way before Kevin got with her.” It’s like they were two ships passing in the night, only one of those ships had stolen her man!

To add to the sitcom-worthy drama, Shar mentioned that Britney knew about her pregnancy by the time she welcomed her son Kaleb. Awkward much? Shar even revealed that she sat outside the hospital while Kevin was inside the delivery room. Talk about an episode of “As the Pop Stars Turn”!

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As for Britney and Kevin’s relationship, Shar had no illusions about it. She saw it as a fantasy for the ages. She said, “To me, anything built on a rocky foundation isn’t going to last, and they started rocky because he was in a relationship.” Well, duh! It’s like building a sandcastle in the middle of a tsunami – it’s not gonna stand!

Kevin Federline’s Ex Shar Jackson Says Britney Spears Knew About Shar’s Pregnancy While Dating Him


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