Unreleased Miley Cyrus Song ‘Doctor’ Played During Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Hold onto your twerking boots, because Miley Cyrus just unleashed a musical tornado upon her fans, courtesy of Pharrell Williams and a fashion show that had more surprises than a clown car at a magic convention!

In a plot twist that not even M. Night Shyamalan saw coming, Pharrell, maestro of cool, dropped Miley’s “new” song during his grand debut as the creative wizard behind Louis Vuitton Men’s fall/winter collection. It was like Christmas came early for Miley enthusiasts, and we’re not talking about the one who’s always glued to her wrecking ball.

The track in question, dubbed “Doctor,” had fans jumping with joy until they realized it was less of a fresh bop and more of a vintage Miley gem. Apparently, this musical relic was one of the OG tracks she scribbled down for the Bangerz album, a piece of history that surfaced online in 2017, as if it was a secret time capsule buried in the pop music backyard.

Picture this: Miley, with a stethoscope and a prescription pad, diagnosing all our musical ailments. “I could be your doctor, and I could be your nurse,” she croons, probably causing more heart palpitations than an espresso-fueled dance-off. The prognosis? A serious case of laughter-induced abs workouts.

So, while we were all expecting a groundbreaking musical revelation, turns out we got a blast from the past – a musical déjà vu, if you will. But hey, if Miley’s the doctor, we’re more than willing to take our prescribed dose of hilarity and catchy beats. And who knows, maybe laughter is the best medicine after all! Check out the “new” track at the Louis Vuitton spectacle around the 12:37 mark, and brace yourself for a dose of Miley madness that’s more timeless than grandma’s secret cookie recipe. Keep rockin’, baby, before our bodies burst with joy!

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