Christina Aguilera Rehearses a Song She’s Never Performed Live

Guess what’s cooking in Christina Aguilera’s world? Well, she’s not just rehearsing for her Las Vegas residency; she’s dropping hints about the setlist like breadcrumbs in a fairytale.

In a recent social media escapade on this fine Wednesday (December 20), Christina Aguilera gave us a sneak peek into her rehearsals. Picture this: Christina, decked out in black from head to toe, rocking an oversized t-shirt, a hat that probably has its own zip code, and thigh-high boots that scream, “I mean business.” Oh, did I mention the sunglasses? Because, of course, she’s wearing sunglasses indoors – a power move we should all consider incorporating into our daily lives.

But here’s the real kicker – she’s belting out a song that has never seen the light of day in a live performance before! Cue the dramatic gasps. The chosen tune? “Guy What Takes His Time.” Yep, you heard it right. It’s not the title of a rejected Dr. Seuss book; it’s an actual song, originally performed by Mae West back in the ’30s. Christina Aguilera, being the musical chameleon that she is, covered it for the movie Burlesque in 2010. And now, she’s dusting it off for her Vegas residency.

Behind Christina, a band grooves like they’re auditioning for the coolest gig in town. And her vocals? Oh, they’re as flawless as a cat meme on the internet – and we all know that’s the pinnacle of perfection.

So, if you were wondering what gems are in store for Christina’s Vegas audience, it looks like “Guy What Takes His Time” is making the cut. This might just be the first time the world witnesses Christina Aguilera crooning this particular ditty in the flesh. Talk about exclusive!

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“10 days ’til show day,” the pop legend teases in the caption accompanying the video. It’s like waiting for Christmas, but with more sequins and vocal acrobatics.

For those eager to witness this extravaganza, Christina’s residency will be held at Voltaire Belle de Nuit at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. Get ready for a musical spectacle that might just leave you questioning your life choices – in the best way possible.


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