Zoe Saldana Engages in PDA With Hubby Marco Perego

Zoe Saldana and her main squeeze, Marco Perego, turned a regular night out into a love fest extravaganza in the glamorous realm of Malibu, California.

Our beloved 45-year-old Avatar sensation and her multi-talented hubby, who wears more hats than a hat store, decided to conquer their hunger at the legendary Nobu on a fine Wednesday night (January 3). Because nothing says “I love you” like indulging in some fancy eats.

As they emerged into the wilds of the parking lot (or perhaps it was a red carpet in disguise), the ever-watchful camera lenses caught Zoe and Marco in a lip-lock so sweet, even sugar would be jealous.

Zoe, our style icon, rocked a blue and white striped button-up shirt paired with pants light enough to make angels weep tears of joy. She sported a bag that probably holds the secrets of the universe and let her hair flow straight, as straight as the path to a lover’s heart.

And then there’s Marco, the man who defines coolness with a capital ‘C.’ Dressed in a black jacket that probably has its own fan club, he boldly pulled his hair back into a bun that whispered, “I’m not just a director and producer, I’m a trendsetter.”

Together, they’re the power couple we never knew we needed, turning a mundane dinner date into a Malibu masterpiece. If PDA was an art form, Zoe and Marco would be the Da Vincis of affection, the Picassos of passion. Move over, Hollywood; there’s a new rom-com in town, and it’s starring these two lovebirds.

Zoe Saldana Engages in PDA With Hubby Marco Perego
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