Why Suzanne Somers Was Buried in Timberland Boots

We’ve got the scoop on the most stylish burial in town, and it’s not your average stiletto affair. Suzanne Somers’ hubby, the one and only Alan Hamel, spilled the beans on the footwear extravaganza that went down at her final resting place.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Timberland boots? Is this a fashion-forward funeral or a hike up Mount Everest? Well, strap in because Alan, the trendsetter of eternal fashion, spilled the deets to People magazine.

Picture this: Suzanne, the Three’s Company legend, rockin’ Timberlands in the afterlife. Alan, at a sprightly 87, revealed the grand plan behind this unexpected choice. Apparently, Suzanne wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill Manolo Blahnik gal – oh no, she had them all. But Alan thought, “Why be predictable when you can be downright personal?”

So, he snagged those Timberland boots, not meant for strolling the red carpet but perfect for conquering the great unknown. Alan, being the Picasso of shoewear, doodled a few words on those boots that screamed Suzanne’s life story. Move over, Cinderella – this is how you leave a lasting impression!

And why Timberlands, you ask? Well, every time Suzanne slipped into those rugged beauties, she’d declare, “I am wearing you, and my boots will keep me safe.” Move over guardian angels, Suzanne’s got Timberland on her side.

These boots were more than just a fashion statement. They were a nostalgic nod to Alan and Suzanne’s morning routine – a two-hour trek up a mountain to a creek and a rock. Yes, you heard that right. A rock.

By the time they reached their rocky haven, it was warmed by the morning sun. Lunch on the rock, a one-hour rock nap, and then back down to reality. Forget breakfast in bed; these two went for brunch on a boulder!

Suzanne Somers, the trailblazer of trendy tomb fashion. Who needs glass slippers when you can have Timberlands with a side of mountaintop memories? The afterlife just got a whole lot more stylish!

Why Suzanne Somers Was Buried in Timberland Boots


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