James Blunt Opens Up About Hooking Up With Lindsay Lohan

Guess what? Prepare to have your mind blown—James Blunt and Lindsay Lohan once engaged in a whirlwind romance that would make even the most seasoned Hollywood gossipmonger raise an eyebrow!

Picture this: It’s the year 2007, and James Blunt and Lindsay Lohan cross paths at a swanky Los Angeles nightclub. Fast forward a bit, and James spills the juicy details of this unexpected rendezvous in his latest literary masterpiece, “Loosely Based On A Made-Up Story.” Brace yourself for the saga of passion, parties, and peculiar encounters!

As James recounts the fateful night, he paints a vivid picture: “There I was, fleeing the paparazzi on foot as the girl I’d just met decided to make a grand exit from my car. She practically pole-vaulted onto my lap, initiating a full-on tongue tango. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lindsay Lohan.”

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But that was just the beginning. After a detour to Jamie Foxx’s hotel room (because, why not?), the dynamic duo headed to Lindsay’s place for a soirée that can only be described as chaotic. Imagine a house full of people who’ve had one too many, and there you have it—a scene that rivals a frat party on steroids.

As the clock struck 3 am, with recording duties looming over him, James decided it was time to bid adieu. However, Lindsay, in all her persuasive glory, implored him to stay. Picture this: “Don’t go, James! Just hop into my bed, and I promise I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” She led him to the bedroom, tucked him in, planted a kiss, and vanished into the night, leaving him to snooze amidst the echoing beats of the ongoing bash.

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Now, fast forward to the morning after. James, blissfully nestled in dreamland, is rudely awakened by Lindsay’s security guard, who, with the subtlety of a bulldozer, informs him it’s time to skedaddle. Talk about a wake-up call! Yet, despite the abrupt eviction, Lindsay must have had a lingering interest because, lo and behold, she invites him to another shindig just four days later.

In a laugh-out-loud video segment for Cosmopolitan’s Cheap Shots series, James spills the beans on the whole ordeal. “It wasn’t just a fling; it was a ‘thing,’ you know? Security guards escorting me out—twice! But the second time, the guard even threw in a parting hug for good measure. It’s all there in my new masterpiece, ‘Loosely Based On A Made-Up Story.’ You can’t make this stuff up!” Watch the hilarity unfold below and get ready to rethink your definition of a wild night out in Hollywood!

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