Update on Live-Action ‘Naruto’

Brace yourself for the live-action extravaganza of Naruto – because it’s happening!

For those living under a metaphorical rock, Naruto is the tale of Naruto Uzumaki, a pint-sized ninja with dreams bigger than a titan-sized ramen bowl. He’s on a quest to be the top dog in his village, and spoiler alert: his ninja moves are more impressive than your attempts at parallel parking.

The manga and anime sensation that’s rocked your socks off is taking a leap into the real world, and it’s about time! Move over, Avengers – there’s a new hero in town, and he’s rocking an orange jumpsuit like it’s the latest ninja fashion trend.

Hold onto your shurikens, because the mastermind behind this epic ninja party is none other than Tasha Huo, the script maestro who’s sprinkled her magic on animated gems like Naruto and Tomb Raider. Lionsgate, the wizards of movie-making, will be conjuring up this spellbinding spectacle.

Now, let’s rewind to 2015 – the year we first heard whispers of a live-action Naruto flick. Michael Gracey was in the director’s chair at the time, but is he still steering this ninja ship? It’s murkier than the mist technique, my friends.

Get ready to witness ninja acrobatics, epic battles, and maybe even a ninja cat meme or two on the big screen. Naruto’s coming, and he’s bringing the ninja vibes to a theater near you!

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