Paris Hilton is Already Celebrating Christmas With Baby London – In Pink!

Guess who’s painting the town pink? None other than the fabulous Paris Hilton!

The 42-year-old socialite and master of all things glam is throwing the ultimate pink party to welcome her newest bundle of joy, baby London. Move over, traditional Christmas colors – it’s all about the pink takeover at Casa de Paris this holiday season!

In a festive Instagram extravaganza, Paris gave us a sneak peek into her rosy wonderland. Joined by her adorable son, Phoenix Barron (the cuteness is off the charts, people!), they struck poses that would make even Santa jealous in front of a magnificent pink Christmas tree. A tree so pink, it might just be mistaken for a giant bubblegum dream.

Picture this: Paris and her son, dazzling beside a Christmas tree adorned with twinkling pink lights and ornaments that could make flamingos jealous. And who else is in on the pink fun? None other than Carter Reum’s sister, Halle Hammond! Because when Paris goes pink, she takes the whole family with her.

Surrounded by the next generation of cool kids – her niece and nephew – Paris strikes a pose that screams, “Move over, Santa – there’s a new queen in town, and she’s ruling in pink!” The festive family affair is a celebration like no other, as they bask in the glow of the pinkest Christmas you’ve ever seen.

Paris summed it up perfectly in her caption: “Celebrating our baby girl London with a pink Christmas! 💕💕🎄💕💕” Move aside, ordinary festivities – Paris Hilton just turned Christmas into a dazzling, pink spectacle that would make even Rudolph blush. It’s a pink takeover, and we’re all here for it! 🎀🎅💖

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