Rihanna And A$AP Rocky’s Kids Rza And Riot Featured In Bottega Veneta Father’s Day Campaign

Rihanna, her husband A$AP Rocky, and their two mini-mes are celebrating their first Father’s Day in style. And by style, I mean an ad campaign so chic, it practically oozes elegance like a chocolate fountain at a fancy wedding.

Enter Bottega Veneta, the luxury brand that decided to capture this familial fabulosity in black-and-white photos, because nothing says “we’re classy” like ditching color entirely. They called it “Portraits of Fathers,” but it could just as well be “Portraits of Perfection,” given how impossibly photogenic this crew is.

Now, A$AP Rocky, our dapper dad of the hour, weighed in on the whole experience. “This is me,” he proclaimed, “embracing fatherhood, parenthood, companionship, and still managing to look fly while juggling my career like a circus performer on Red Bull.”

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At 35, A$AP is dropping truth bombs left and right, talking about how these photos show a side of him that’s as rare as a unicorn in a suit. “In my culture,” he said, “the whole fatherhood thing isn’t exactly front and center. We’re all about that player persona, you know?”

He went on, “When you hear ‘rapper,’ you think eternal adolescence, endless bachelorhood. When you think A$AP Rocky, you think playboy, pretty boy, and bras flying onto the stage like confetti.”

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But hold your horses, because A$AP is flipping the script. “This is me now,” he shared, “a one-woman man, a family man. This is about what truly completes my life: being there for my partner and my kids. It’s all about showing the world that I can rock a diaper bag as effortlessly as I rock a mic.”

Oh, and did I mention Bottega Veneta snagged the Am I Dreaming rapper as their brand ambassador? Because they did. Talk about leveling up!

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Rihanna and A$AP started off as friends, but in a plot twist worthy of a rom-com, they fell head over heels and made it official in 2020. Now, they’re rocking the parenthood game with two adorable kids in tow.

So here’s to Father’s Day, family, and fancy photo shoots. Cheers to the happy family!

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