Travis Scott Owes More Than $100,000 in Back Taxes

Travis Scott, 32-year-old rap maestro, is now twerking his way through some serious tax trouble in sunny California. Move over, Astroworld drama, we’ve got a new headline act – Taxgate!

According to classified legal documents (and by “classified,” we mean we found them on The Blast – shh, don’t tell anyone), Travis has been slapped with the ultimate party pooper – an accusation of tax evasion! Apparently, he forgot to do the Cha-Cha Slide with the State of California’s tax collectors.

Picture this: Travis, surrounded by stacks of cash and the remnants of his iconic Astroworld fest, scratching his head as the taxman breaks down the door. The government’s got beef with the rapper for allegedly neglecting to sprinkle some tax fairy dust amounting to a whopping $106,968.18 for the wild ride that was 2021.

Now, we’re not financial gurus, but when you’ve got a net worth of around $80 million, you’d think paying Uncle Sam his due would be a piece of cake. But no, Travis is playing a high-stakes game of hide and seek with the taxman, and spoiler alert – he’s losing.

The State’s Franchise Tax Board has unleashed the tax hounds, warning Travis that this debt won’t disappear with a magical “Abracadabra.” They’re threatening him with further interest and fees, turning his tax bill into the financial equivalent of a never-ending TikTok loop.

So, while Travis might have survived the mosh pit at Astroworld, he’s now navigating the treacherous terrain of tax troubles. Will he drop a new hit single titled “IRS Blues,” or will he moonwalk his way out of this fiscal fiasco? Stay tuned, because Taxgate is the hottest show in town, and it’s got more twists than a rollercoaster at Astroworld!

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Travis Scott Owes More Than $100,000 in Back Taxes


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