Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Ordered to Pay Her Millions

Kelly Clarkson just hit the jackpot in her ongoing legal tango with her ex-hubby, Brandon Blackstock. It turns out, Brandon wasn’t just playing the field in their divorce proceedings; he was also taking a cut from Kelly’s gig empire!

Legal gurus dug into the nitty-gritty and found out that when Brandon played manager and scored Kelly those sweet gigs on The Voice, the Billboard Music Awards, and whatnot, he slyly helped himself to a chunk of the cash pie. Well, guess what? The California labor commissioner, probably fueled by a cup of strong coffee and a donut, stepped in and dropped the hammer. They declared, “Hold up, buddy! Agents get the gigs, not managers!”

Now, Brandon is facing the music—quite literally—and has to cough up a whopping $2,641,374 in ill-gotten fees. It’s like the legal system threw confetti and shouted, “Surprise! You’ve been caught!” TMZ spilled the beans that Brandon is gearing up for a round of legal limbo, planning to appeal this multimillion-dollar wake-up call.

In case you missed the soap opera unfolding, Kelly and Brandon’s love story hit the rocks back in June 2020, and their divorce drama finally wrapped up in March 2022. They’ve got a couple of kiddos together, Remington (age 7) and River (age 9), making this divorce saga the real-life version of “Parent Trap,” minus the identical twins and the summer camp shenanigans. Talk about hitting the high notes in divorce court! 🎤💔

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