These Two Royals Do Not Want to Spend Christmas With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Guess what’s cooking in the royal Christmas drama pot? Forget about chestnuts roasting on an open fire – it’s more like family tensions simmering on a royal stove. Brace yourself for the dish served piping hot!

So, the royal Christmas guest list got spilled like grandma’s secret recipe, and here’s the scoop: 10 fresh faces are set to crash the party, but hold on to your tiaras because Prince Harry, Meghan, and a duo of mystery guests are pulling a disappearing act. Houdini would be proud!

According to an insider who’s probably sipping tea with the Queen’s corgis, “His Majesty would love a jolly good Christmas reunion with his lads and the grandkids, but alas, it’s trickier than untangling Christmas lights. The Sussex duo won’t be donning their holiday sweaters – no chance! It’s like trying to mix oil and water because there’s still more frostiness than the North Pole, especially from the Prince and Princess of Whales. Oh, sorry, Wales.”

And in the royal game of Chinese whispers, another source spilled the Earl Grey, saying, “Charlie boy is on edge about the Sussexes leaking more royal secrets. He’s more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. That’s why the royal chit-chats are rarer than a unicorn sighting.”

A birdie, or maybe a royal falcon, chirped, “The king thinks these racism claims are as extraordinary as a unicorn doing the cha-cha. It’s like a royal soap opera – so far from reality, it’s practically orbiting Mars.”

And in the royal “Avoid Harry and Meghan at All Costs” corner, Prince William and Princess Catherine are reportedly practicing their best disappearing acts. They don’t want to be in the same room as the Sussex duo, let alone share the Christmas turkey. It’s like a sibling rivalry sitcom – move over, Kardashians!

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So, buckle up, royal enthusiasts! Christmas in the palace is shaping up to be more dramatic than a Shakespearean play. Will there be reconciliation under the mistletoe, or is this just another chapter in the saga of the Crown? Stay tuned for the royal rollercoaster!



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