Dakota Johnson Enjoys A Day Out In Rome With Friend Blake Lee

Guess what? It’s Dakota Johnson’s day out in the enchanting land of pasta and romance – Rome!

Our beloved 34-year-old Madame Web superstar decided to hit the streets with her partner-in-crime Blake Lee, and boy, did they stir up some fun! They weren’t just strolling; they were on a mission, a shopping spree mission, to conquer the streets of Italy with their fabulousness.

Picture this: Dakota, the epitome of casual chic, rocking a blue cardigan like she’s about to solve the mystery of the missing gelato, all while donning a New York Mets hat like she’s ready to slide into home base (or the nearest gelateria). And those sunglasses? They weren’t just for UV protection; they were for shielding her from the blinding paparazzi flashes, of course!

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Blake, her partner in crime, wasn’t about to let Dakota steal all the limelight. No sir! He strutted alongside her in a striped shirt, black pants, and sunglasses, looking like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Maybe he was secretly auditioning for “Italian Stallion Weekly.” Who knows?

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the Colosseum – Dakota’s engagement rumors with Chris Martin! While the world was busy speculating about rings and wedding bells, Dakota was busy enjoying her gelato in Rome. You go, girl! Who needs a rock on your finger when you’ve got pasta on your plate?

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Dakota Johnson, Blake Lee, and a whole lot of Roman shenanigans. Who said shopping couldn’t be an Olympic sport?

Dakota Johnson Enjoys A Day Out In Rome With Friend Blake Lee

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