Taylor Lautner Said This About Being Called Taylor Swift’s “Best Ex”

Taylor Lautner, the man who once dated the iconic Taylor Swift, is taking on the title of being her “best ex” with the grace of a swan riding a unicycle in a tuxedo!

For those living under a rock (or in a cave like a hermit crab), these two lovebirds crossed paths in 2009 while shooting the movie “Valentine’s Day.” Love blossomed like a weed in a garden, and they gave romance a whirl for a few months.

People recently caught up with Taylor (yes, there are a lot of Taylors in this story) and asked him about the coveted title of being Taylor Swift’s “best ex.” His response? Hold onto your unicorn-shaped hats, folks.

Taylor, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin that could light up a room, simply said, “[That] sounds like a nice compliment to me. I will take it.” Bravo, Taylor! It’s almost like he won the “Best Ex Award” in a ceremony that no one ever knew existed.

Taylor Lautner’s current wife, also coincidentally named Taylor, happens to be a massive Swiftie. The plot thickens faster than a superhero movie! According to Lautner, his Taylor (the wife) pointed out that he’s the only ex without a diss track dedicated to him. Well, ain’t that a glittery feather in his cap?

Taylor Lautner, the “Best Ex” with a “No Diss Track” badge, living his best life while riding the waves of Taylor Swift’s discography. No complaints here, just a whole lot of laughter and good vibes.

Taylor Lautner Said This About Being Called Taylor Swift’s “Best Ex”
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