Sophia Bush Is “Aching” After Taking Steroids For a Week

Sophia Bush is feeling like she’s been steamrolled by a runaway circus train thanks to the side effects of her medication. The ex-“One Tree Hill” sensation took to Instagram for some virtual hugs and a good laugh after finding herself battling full-body aches courtesy of the steroids she’d been popping to soothe her throat.

“Alright, so a week of steroids means I’ve got my vocal cords back in business. But it also means I’m currently experiencing what feels like a WWE smackdown aftermath. Is this the norm? Anyone got tips on how to evict these agonizing aches? (sic)” she lamented, accompanied by a pic of her looking like a human burrito under a cozy blanket.

But fear not! A few hours later, Sophia was back on the grid, fully dressed and throwing up peace signs like she just conquered a battle against the sofa.

Last summer saw the 41-year-old actress uncoupling from hubby Grant Hughes after a mere twelve months of holy matrimony. And guess what? She’s not alone! Sophia spilled the beans about their WhatsApp sanctuary dubbed “Hot Divorce Summer,” where she and her comrades-in-splitting share everything from lawyer recs to gut-busting memes from the wild world of TikTok.

During a heart-to-heart with fellow “Drama Queens” podcaster, Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia spilled the tea: “Remember that bop from Megan Thee Stallion, ‘Hot Girl Summer’? Well, someone hit the remix button and gave it the title ‘Hot Divorce Summer.’ And let me tell you, it’s straight-up comedic gold.”

“And get this,” she continued, “we’ve got this group chat that’s like the ultimate therapy session slash stand-up comedy show. We’re swapping legal advice like trading cards, dropping wisdom from literary giants, running a full-on book club, and flooding each other’s screens with memes that could make a stone statue crack a smile. It’s a riot!”

Then, in a moment of cinematic brilliance, Sophia pondered the thought of immortalizing their divorce support group on the silver screen. “Maybe we need to pitch that movie,” she mused. Bethany chimed in, “Now that’s the rom-com the world needs!”

And with that, the curtain closes on another chapter of Sophia’s whirlwind life, leaving us all eagerly awaiting the premiere of “Hot Divorce Summer: The Movie.”

Sophia Bush Is “Aching” After Taking Steroids For a Week

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