Bianca Censori Rocks a Conservative Look After Her Dad Called Her Looks “Trashy”

Kanye West’s better half, Bianca Censori, decided to tone down her usual fiery fashion in a recent outing with her hubby. Say goodbye to the risqué and hello to the, uh, more clothed!

Behold the snapshots capturing the Yeezy architect donning a long-sleeved purple top as they strutted out of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Paris on Saturday, March 2. But fear not, fans of her signature style, she didn’t abandon ship entirely, still rocking those trusty black tights and itsy-bitsy heels.

Sporting a colossal black leather bag and clutching onto an iPad like it’s the secret to life, Bianca was a vision of, well, relative modesty. Meanwhile, Mr. West opted for the classic all-black ensemble – leather jacket, pants, and shoes included.

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Before this sartorial switcheroo, rumors swirled about Bianca’s clan being less than thrilled with Kanye’s fashion choices for their dear daughter. Apparently, Papa Leo was ready to throw down and have a serious heart-to-heart with the Chicago sensation.

“Bianca’s dad Leo is itching to have a chat with Kanye and ask him what on earth he’s thinking parading Bianca around like a scantily clad show pony,” spilled a source close to the Aussie architect’s inner circle, whose dad seems to have quite the reputation. “He’s planning to hit Kanye with the ‘what if it was your own daughters’ angle. You know, put the shoe on the other foot.”

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“He’s not buying into this whole ‘trashy naked trophy pony’ gig Kanye’s promoting,” continued the insider, waving the flag for parental concern. “Leo’s got a bone to pick with Kanye about turning his daughter into a walking billboard for, well, everything but subtlety.”

Adding insult to injury, the source emphasized Leo’s desire to set Kanye straight on the whole “loving your wife” deal. “You don’t show love by turning your better half into a walking fashion disaster,” they quipped. “That’s not romance, that’s just bad taste with a side of control freak.”

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And thus, another chapter in the saga of Kanye and Bianca’s fashion escapades unfolds. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Keeping Up with the Wests: Fashion Police Edition.”

Bianca Censori Rocks a Conservative Look After Her Dad Called Her Looks “Trashy”

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