Victoria Beckham Films David Beckham Working Out in Short-Shorts

Get ready to laugh harder than David Beckham doing pushups in short blue shorts, because Victoria Beckham just spilled the beans on her hubby’s fitness prowess, and it’s nothing short of hilarious!

In a video that could rival a comedy skit, posted by Victoria on Instagram, she dubs David Beckham a “love machine” while the iconic Wham! track of the same name sets the mood. Picture this: a 48-year-old David busting out pushups on the gym floor, sporting shorts that might be bluer than the sky. Victoria initially shared a sneak peek with the caption, “electrician came to fix the TV…..You’re welcome!” – cue the mental image of David fixing their TV, dressed in nothing but those infamous shorts.

But that’s not all! Victoria spilled the beans on a well-kept secret – David has never laid eyes on her without her eyebrows done. In a jaw-dropping revelation during her appearance in Allure magazine, she spilled the brow-centric truth, saying, “BabyBlade Brow. I’m obsessed with brows—my husband has never seen me without my eyebrows.” Imagine the shock on David’s face if he ever stumbles upon his Spice Girl queen browless!

And speaking of Spice Girls, Victoria took us on a journey down memory lane, revealing her underdog days of being bullied and tormented in school. But fear not, because Posh Spice has the last laugh! With a sprinkle of wit and a dash of self-deprecating humor, she recalls her path from school misery to a fashion and beauty icon.

“I can joke about it better than anybody. I’ll take the mickey out of myself. I mean, obviously, I could sing a little. But I always had to work very hard just to be okay at anything. That’s why the Spice Girls worked: Individually we were underdogs, but collectively we worked.”

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In the grand comedy of life, Victoria Beckham is clearly the headliner, proving that laughter is the best accessory, even if you’re rocking killer brows and married to a “love machine” doing pushups in short shorts!


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