Snoop Dogg Explains What He Meant by Saying He Was “Giving Up Smoke”

Snoop Dogg just dropped a bombshell last week, declaring to the world that he’s “giving up smoke.” Now, before you start imagining Snoop trading in his signature herbal delights for a life of kale smoothies and meditation, let’s pump the brakes on that train of thought.

In a plot twist that could rival a Hollywood blockbuster, the 52-year-old rap icon and self-proclaimed marijuana aficionado has clarified the situation. Brace yourselves – Snoop Dogg is not bidding farewell to his beloved Mary Jane. Oh no, he’s just getting fancy with his wording.

Breaking the news with the comedic finesse of a seasoned stand-up, Snoop took to the airwaves on Monday to spill the beans on his grand revelation. In a sizzling ad for Solo Stove, the smokeless fire pit wizards, he declared, “I have an announcement, I’m giving up smoke.” Cue the collective gasps and raised eyebrows.

But fear not! The Doggfather isn’t abandoning his iconic cloud of mystique; he’s just taking it to a whole new level. Enter Solo Stove, the maestros of smokeless fire pits. According to Snoop, they’ve cracked the code, making fire without the pesky side effects of smoke. Genius, right?

“I know what you’re thinking, Snoop smoke is kinda your whole thing,” he chuckles in the ad, reading our minds like a psychic with a PhD in cool. “But I’m done with it. I’m done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all stinky.”

So, to clarify – Snoop is going smokeless, not weedless. He’s embracing the future, where flames flicker without the fashion faux pas of stinky shirts. Solo Stove: making smoke disappear faster than Snoop’s stash at a hip-hop barbecue.

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So, fear not, aficionados of Snoop’s herbal escapades, the man himself is still riding high on the green wave – just with a touch of smokeless sophistication.


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