Gigi Hadid Trolls Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

Oh, brace yourselves for a fashion showdown! Gigi Hadid is serving up some playful shade for her pals Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and it’s absolutely delicious.

So, what went down? Well, picture this: Ryan, the dapper gent at 47, decides to grace Instagram with his presence, sporting a snazzy pink cardigan from Gigi’s Guest in Residence line. Cue the applause, right? But Gigi, never one to miss a chance for a cheeky dig, couldn’t resist poking fun at her dear friend Ryan and his lovely wife Blake, 36.

In a move that had us all reaching for the popcorn, Gigi re-shared Ryan’s snap on her own Story, complete with some choice commentary. “Oh, Ryan Reynolds, you sly dog,” she began, “Thank you for rocking that GIR cardigan. We appreciate the support, truly. But let’s be real here, you’re never going to outshine Blake in the fashion department. Sorry, not sorry.”

But oh, it doesn’t stop there! Gigi, with the finesse of a seasoned comedian, continued her roast fest with a dash of sass. “Ryan, my man, you’re like the eager puppy trying every new trend that comes your way. Meanwhile, Blake’s still rocking that shirt from the Ice Age era like it’s nobody’s business. We see you, Blake. Time for an upgrade, hun!”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Gigi wraps it up with a bow, throwing a friendly jab at Blake, “Hey, Blake Lively, your spring package is en route! Here’s hoping it’s filled with some fresh cotton blends to spice up your wardrobe. No more recycling winter gear, okay?”

Oh, Gigi, you’ve truly outdone yourself this time. Who knew fashion could be this entertaining?

Gigi Hadid Trolls Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

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