Meghan Markle May Star in a Spinoff of ‘Suits’

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, might just sprinkle some regal magic on the potential Suits spin-off! Move over legal drama, we’re about to enter the realm of royal hilarity.

Guess what? Suits has racked up a whopping 45 billion minutes of people binge-watching lawyers do their legal dance on Netflix. That’s more minutes than it takes for Meghan to decide what tiara to wear on a casual Tuesday.

With the show skyrocketing in popularity, the rumor mill is buzzing with the possibility of a spin-off. According to The Sunday Times Magazine, royal expert (and possibly a fortune teller in another life) Omid Scobie suggested, “Picture this: Meghan in a cameo for the spin-off, if she’s up for it. Crazier things have happened, like royal weddings on TV, right?”

Breaking news: Meghan Markle, the former paralegal-turned-Duchess, strutted her stuff on the red carpet at Variety’s Power of Women gala. And guess what she said? Brace yourself! “Working on Suits was a blast. The cast, the crew, we were like a legal circus. Seven seasons deep, and I still remember how to object and look fabulous doing it.”

Meghan spilled the royal tea during her chat with Variety. Drumroll, please! “We’ve got secrets up our sleeves. Exciting projects galore! I’m bursting to spill the beans, but I’ll keep it together. My hubby’s into it too. It’s like a royal Netflix and chill, minus the chill, just the royal part.”

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sass, might just grace the Suits spin-off with her majestic presence. Grab your popcorn and get ready for the legal drama to get a dose of royal fabulousness!

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