Sabrina Carpenter Responds to Priest Being Fired For Her ‘Feather’ Music Video by Making Fun of Jesus

Sabrina Carpenter, 24-year-old sensation, is spilling the holy tea on her divine showdown with the Catholic church!

Picture this: Sabrina, the songstress extraordinaire, decided to turn a church in Brooklyn into the stage for her whimsical (and slightly gruesome) “Feather” music video. Now, we’re not saying she turned water into wine, but she did turn a sacred space into a set.

Shockingly, the church felt the need to hit the reset button on its holiness after Sabrina’s visit. They reportedly re-blessed the whole shebang, as if the mere presence of a pop star was enough to make the holy water question its life choices.

A priest, presumably the guardian of the holy popcorn at movie nights, got stripped of his administrative duties. Why? Because he let Sabrina and her crew turn the church into their own heavenly soundstage. Hallelujah, the drama!

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Sabrina addressed the ecclesiastical escapade with the wit of an angel on a comedy tour. “We got the heavenly green light beforehand,” she declared. And just to nail the divine humor, she dropped the ultimate pun bomb: “And Jesus was a carpenter, you know, like me!” Well played, Sabrina. Well played.

When the conversation shifted to her chart-topping hit, “Nonsense,” Sabrina spilled the holy beans on the secret ingredient of her musical prowess – humor! “Humor is my sacred tuning fork,” she confessed. “It’s the spice that makes my musical cauldron bubble. I sprinkle it on everything; that’s how I conjure up most of my songs. It’s basically my secret sauce, but funnier.”

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Sabrina Carpenter, the maestro of melodies and the disruptor of divine decorum. She may have caused a church to hit the reset button on holiness, but hey, at least she did it with a smile and a pun. Amen to that!


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