Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Dexter Scott King Dies at 62

In a twist of events that even the most outlandish sitcoms wouldn’t dare to script, Dexter Scott King, the youngest scion of the legendary Martin Luther King Jr., has left the earthly stage after a valiant tango with prostate cancer. The curtains fell on this unique show at the grand age of 62, and oh boy, what a performance it was!

Breaking the news, The King Centre made an official announcement, assuring everyone that Dexter’s departure was not a poorly executed magic trick but the result of a “valiant battle” against that notorious villain known as prostate cancer. His wife, Leah Weber, revealed that he transitioned peacefully in his sleep at home in the glamorous city of Malibu. Talk about going out like a Hollywood star!

Leah praised Dexter’s tenacity in the face of the relentless disease, stating, “He gave it everything and battled this terrible disease until the end. As with all challenges in his life, he faced this hurdle with bravery and might.” Move over superheroes, we’ve got a King in the ring!

Dexter, the sibling extraordinaire to Martin Luther King III, Bernice King, and the late Yolanda King, had been a legacy carrier from the tender age of seven when his father’s epic journey was tragically cut short. As fate would have it, he continued to carry the torch with all the flair of a flamboyant parade master.

At the time of his grand exit, Dexter was donning the crowns of President of the King Estate and Chairman of The King Centre. A man of many hats indeed! And let’s not forget his remarkable stint as an actor where he tried to outshine his old man, literally, by playing Martin Luther King Jr. in The Rosa Parks Story back in 2002. It seems like the acting bug wasn’t potent enough because eventually, Dexter decided to ditch the spotlight and embrace the family legacy.

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In the midst of this cosmic comedy, Bernice shared her sentiments, “I am praying for strength to get through this very difficult time. Words cannot express the heartbreak I feel from losing another sibling.” It’s like a tragic sitcom episode where laughter is replaced with heartfelt prayers.

Even Martin Luther III himself chimed in on the cosmic sitcom, expressing his shock in true modern fashion on X, formerly known as Twitter. Alongside an old family photo, he struggled to find the right words, asking the world to keep the entire King family in their prayers, especially Dexter’s wife, Leah Weber King.

In the grand theater of life, Dexter Scott King took his final bow, leaving us with a legacy that blends tragedy and triumph, drama and comedy. Rest in peace, Dexter – may the afterlife be filled with standing ovations and heavenly laughter.


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