Nick Cannon Spends Over $100,000 a Year at DisneyLand

Meet Nick Cannon, the ultimate Disneyland enthusiast and a father of 12 – because why stop at a baker’s dozen when you can have a Disneyland-sized family adventure?

In a recent revelation on The Breakfast Club, the 43-year-old TV host and actor spilled the Mickey Mouse-shaped beans about the cost of his Disneyland escapades. Brace yourself – it’s not your average pocket change. Drumroll, please! Taking his entire mini-army of 12 kids to Disneyland sets him back a whopping $200,000 annually. Yes, you read that right. It seems like Nick’s wallet has a Disneyland season pass of its own!

Back in the day, when Nick was the Christmas morning wizard at Disneyland, he enjoyed some magical “perks” that allowed him to treat his entourage to a day at the park for free. But alas, those days are gone, much like the free rides. Now, with a dozen little ones in tow, Nick is basically a Disneyland VIP with a golden credit card – Mickey’s personal Black Card, perhaps?

“It’s no longer free, and I only had two kids then,” Nick lamented. Two kids and free Disneyland – those were the days. Now, he’s a regular at the happiest place on earth, so much so that he practically has a Fast Pass to the front of every line.

But it’s not just the entrance fees that are breaking the bank. Disneyland, according to Nick, is a high-stakes game. Making your way through the park involves strategic planning, hotel reservations, and probably a GPS tracker to keep tabs on his sprawling Disney tribe.

“Disneyland is expensive already off top, like, if you trying to stay in the hotel. It’s not how it used to be … you gotta make reservations,” Nick explained, as if navigating Disneyland is akin to plotting a military operation.

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In case you’re wondering, Nick is not just a Disney dad – he’s a diversified dad. His 12 bundles of joy come from the creative collaboration with six different women. Talk about a Magic Kingdom of family dynamics!

So, next time you’re at Disneyland and you see a guy with a dozen kids in tow, it might just be Nick Cannon, the man with a wallet as magical as Cinderella’s glass slipper. And remember, if you’re looking for him, just follow the sound of laughter and the trail of mouse-shaped receipts. It’s the happiest – and most expensive – family reunion on earth!


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