Priyanka Chopra Posts, Then Deletes, Photo of Joe Jonas and Stormi Bree

It seems like we’ve stumbled upon a Hollywood love saga more confusing than a plot twist in a telenovela. Brace yourselves for the accidental reveal that Priyanka Chopra just served up on a silver platter.

So, the word on the glamorous streets was that Joe Jonas, the Jonas Brother with the sultry voice, might be romantically entangled with model Stormi Bree. Picture this: the two lovebirds jet-setting out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, together and then cozying up in Aspen, Colorado during a ski vacation. Skiing and romance—because nothing says love like facing the icy slopes together.

Now, Priyanka, the unsuspecting cupid or perhaps the unintentional secret-keeper, decided to play Instagram detective. She drops a photo bomb on her Instagram Stories, showcasing four hands gleefully clinking champagne glasses like they just discovered a new flavor of unicorn tears. What’s the catch, you ask? One of those hands has a tattoo that’s a dead ringer for the ink Stormi Bree sports on her right hand. Coincidence? We think not.

As the internet detectives began connecting the dots faster than you can say “relationship status update,” Priyanka swiftly hit the delete button. But, my friends, the internet never forgets. The momentary slip-up had us all screaming, “We caught you red-handed, or should we say tattooed-handed!”

In this social media rollercoaster, Priyanka and Stormi have now become digital BFFs by following each other on Instagram. Oh, how the plot thickens! Meanwhile, in a classic “it’s not you, it’s me” move, Priyanka and Joe’s ex, Sophie Turner, have hit the unfollow button on each other. Drama, drama!

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So, grab your popcorn, secure your seatbelts, and stay tuned for the next episode of “Hollywood’s Tattooed Love Chronicles” because, as we’ve just learned, love is in the ink-stained air.

Priyanka Chopra Posts, Then Deletes, Photo of Joe Jonas and Stormi Bree


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