Priscilla Presley Opens Up About the Death of Lisa Marie

Priscilla Presley is spilling the beans on her daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s wild ride to the great rock ‘n’ roll gig in the sky!

Lisa Marie, the one and only fruit of Priscilla and the legendary Elvis Presley’s union, bid her earthly adieu at the tender age of 54 on January 12. And let’s be real, the Presley clan hasn’t been this shook since Elvis left the building.

In a recent Q&A session leading up to the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s latest masterpiece, Priscilla, the star herself confessed that she’s still grappling with the cosmic curveball that was her daughter’s untimely departure.

“It’s a real tough nut to crack. This whole situation? Still feels as believable as Elvis sightings in a grocery store,” Priscilla declared, as reported by People. “You gotta take a cosmic tumble and somersault your way through it. I mean, I’ve got to stick around for her – she’d never forgive me if I checked out early!”

Priscilla also reminisced about the last shindig she and Lisa Marie crashed, and boy, it was a showstopper! It all went down at the 2023 Golden Globes, where they were busy cheerleading for none other than Austin Butler, the dynamo behind Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis.

“We were just two cool cats in the audience, holding hands, and crossing our fingers for Austin,” Priscilla recalled with a twinkle in her eye. “And what do you know, he bagged the golden statue! We had ourselves a real shindig, and it was a blast! But wouldn’t you know it, two days later, my girl decided to take that stairway to heaven. It’s like she timed it for maximum drama!”

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She chuckled, “But hey, at least she left me with some swell memories to cherish. It’s like she wanted to make sure I had a playlist of laughter to get through this crazy ride called life!”


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