Prince William’s Favorite Emoji Has An Explicit Meaning

Prince William spilled the royal tea on his emoji game during a recent radio appearance with his better half, Princess Catherine (aka the one and only Kate Middleton). Brace yourselves, because the revelation is raising some royal eyebrows!

So, what’s the scoop? The 41-year-old royal, in a surprising turn of events, confessed that his most-used emoji isn’t your typical crown or tea cup—it’s one that adds a spicy flair to explicit conversations.

During a Radio 1 interview that left listeners in stitches, Prince William was put on the spot to spill the beans on his emoji of choice. With a mischievous grin, he spilled, “Alright, buckle up for this one. I’ve been advised to keep it classy and avoid the infamous aubergine emoji. So, in the spirit of being all grown up, my go-to emoji is the one where the eyes go up and down, and the mouth’s out. You know, the slightly crazy one.”

For those not in the know, “aubergine” is just a fancy way of saying the eggplant emoji—a classic choice for those with a cheeky sense of humor.

Not one to be outdone in the emoji department, Princess Catherine chimed in with her pick, which, in comparison, was as mild as a cup of English breakfast tea. “Well, mine’s the heart combined with the crying emoji. You know, the one where you’re laughing so hard, you can’t catch your breath. Especially handy when things have royally gone wrong.”

Who knew the royals had such emoji secrets up their regal sleeves? It seems even in the world of emojis, the monarchy knows how to keep things amusingly unpredictable.

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